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We can help to fix technical IT issues which may be jeopardizing your business’s everyday operations.


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In the business world, it’s important to have your IT systems fully operational to ensure the success of your company. At I.T. How To we take pride in delivering essential, professional and complete managed IT support for businesses and organizations across Ballarat, Geelong Torquay, Werribee and Melbourne. Our managed IT support services bring together a large variety of comprehensive skills and expert knowledge in compute network maintenance. We can help to fix technical IT issues which may be jeopardizing your business’s everyday operations.

Key Managed IT Support Services

  • IT support consulting
  • Network consulting
  • Technology consulting
  • Integration services
  • Remote/on-site tech support
  • IT management services
  • Computer system integration
  • Network and server support
  • Server management service
  • Wireless networking
  • Repair and support of quality software and hardware solutions
  • Computer servicing and repair
  • Technical advice and maintenance of managed IT company systems

Core Benefits

  • Increased productivity of business operations in the IT sector of your business.
  • Round the clock access to professional and expert advice and skills.
  • Knowledge in knowing that your technology is secure and safe when on our watch.
  • Ongoing flat monthly fee that won’t have any surprises and that fits within your budget.
  • Time saving: our services allow you to get back to business operations without worrying about your IT setup.
Core Benefits
  • 12STAFF

Why Choose Us

First founded in 2005, we’ve been dedicated to helping businesses maintain and manage their IT setup for the last 10+ years. Our team is made up of professional IT experts who have varying degrees of knowledge in managed IT support solutions that can benefit any small to medium sized businesses. We believe that without our customers, we can’t be the professional and reliable IT support company that we’ve become today. We want our customers to achieve higher success in their industry, and understand in order to achieve this you need your IT setup running at optimal performance. We can help you maintain this with our managed IT support services.

Discover the I.T How To difference for your business and see why many com- panies are changing to us for their managed IT support solutions. Our team can detect and fix any issues as they occur before it begins to affect your business operations.

For all your managed IT support needs for your business, let us help you maintain and manage your system so you can become the thriving and successful business enterprise you’re looking to become. Get in touch today and talk to one of our friendly and helpful staff members on how I.T How To can help improve and maintain the operation of your IT system setup.

  • Microsoft Small Specialist Certified

    Microsoft Small Specialist Certified

  • Microsoft Partner Status Registered

    Microsoft Partner Status Registered

  • Ready To Provide Round The Clock Technical Support

    Ready To Provide Round The Clock Technical Support

  • A Full Team Of Expert Consultants and Engineers At Your Service

    A Full Team Of Expert Consultants and Engineers At Your Service

I.T How To Can Help Improve and Maintain the
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